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The Requalification of Molded Case Circuit Breakers is a time consuming and precision process. USED breakers are acquired from abandoned manufacturing facilities and from demolition of older distribution systems prior to upgrades. Often, these used devices arrive in dirty, scratched, and even painted condition. The mechanical and electrical integrity of the inner workings are not known. These devices undergo a preliminary inspection for damage or missing parts or other disqualifying defects. A thorough cleaning is done to remove dirt, oils, and other contaminants. While the cosmetics of USED Breakers is important to the end user, the very nature of environmental conditions of the original installation result in dulled and scratched surfaces and labels which in many cases can not be improved. Our Lab meticulously cleans the frame and conductive surfaces but the luster of a new product is seldom replaced. In some cases, replacement labels are applied to insure that identification and electrical ratings are easily seen. Each device undergoes a series of electrical resistance, insulation resistance, Short Circuit and Thermal Trip testing (Nema AB4 Guidelines) to be sure the finished product is suitable for return to service for the safe and reliable control of electrical energy. Used and Tested breakers are shipped with standard lugs installed on the load end. Bus Connection Hardware is NOT included. Bus Connection hardware kits are sold separately. Please see that section on this website. All used/reconditioned/requalified Circuit Breakers (designated by our "UT" part number suffix) are backed with our 1 year repair/replacement warranty. Refer to the "TERMS" section above for complete warranty details.