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We take great pride in the quality of our molded case circuit breaker testing program. There is no second best when it comes to electrical safety. Every previously energized, and upon request even new circuit breakers, are meticulously cleaned, inspected, and tested using start of the art test equipment. Using NEMA AB 4 as the general test procedure, each breaker is put through a battery of tests to verify that mechanical operation, contact resistance, insulation resistance, instantaneous trip (short circuit trip), and thermal trip (overcurrent trip)characteristics are in conformance with the generally accepted testing parameters as established by the industry. The image shown here is just one of our state of the art high current test sets, the computer controlled Phenix HC20C, which we use for testing molded case breakers ranging from 70-1200 amperes. All tested/requalified molded case circuit breakers come with our standard 1 year repair/replacement warranty.

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  • Model: TESTING 70-1200 Amps