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Enclosure for M/MS Manual Starters


Surface Mount IP41 (Nema 1) Non-Metallic Insulated Enclosure for Altech "MS" and Fanox "M" Manual Starters. Enclosure has two PG20 Metric Threaded Openings top and bottom and Integral Neutral Terminal. Use ADAPTM2012 Metric Adapter To Connect 1/2" NEMA Liquid Tite Conduit Fitting or ADAPTM2034 To Connect 3/4" NEMA Liquid Tite Conduit Fitting. For IP55 (Nema 12/3R) Applications order MBS Protective Push Button Cover. M-GE-03950

  • Model: MGE
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Fanox