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General Electric 3P 60/60A TWIN 240V Rotary handle type Fusible Panelboard Switch complete with bus connection hardware. Reconditioned with 1 Yr Warranty. Use Edison Type ECNR 250V RK5 Fuses.

IMPORTANT SELECTION INFORMATION: Whenever adding or replacing QMR and THFP panel mounted switches it is important that you provide us with these four bits of information:
1. The overall WIDTH of the panelboard or switchboard enclosure or box.
2. The WIDTH of the actual opening where the doors of the switches can be
seen. This determines if switch side fillers or "wings" will be needed.
3. If removing an existing switch and replacing with a switch of a higher ampacity
or housing height (X-space), or removing a blank cover plate above or below
existing switches to add switch(es), we will need the total available vertical space
that is exposed. This determines if blank filler plates will be needed to completely
close off the deadfront opening. PLEASE SEND US PICTURES!
4. Please give us the ampacity of the fuses you will need for the added switches to
complete the installation.
NOTE: 30-100A QMR and QMR/THFP switches were made in both the pistol rotary
handle AND the red slide handle versions and are COMPLETELY INTERCHANGEABLE.
For the sake of asthetics, let us know whether you need ROTARY or SLIDE TYPE operators so that all the switches match. 200A and larger QMR and THFP switches ARE ALL ROTARY HANDLE operated and are interchangeable.

To simplify switch selection and avoid confusion, we catalog ALL single and twin switches with rotary operators as type QMR and all 30-100A single and twin switches with the red slide operators as type THFP. 200A and larger switches labelled "TYPE QMR" and bear catalog numbers beginning THFP (i.e. THFP324), we catalog them as type QMR rotary handle units. (i.e. THFP324 = QMR324 etc.)

  • Model: QMR322TWINWHRC
  • Shipping Weight: 30lbs
  • Manufactured by: GE/ABB