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About Reconditioning

Product Reconditioning is a time consuming and precision process. Used devices are acquired from abandoned manufacturing facilities and from demolition of older distribution systems prior to upgrades. Often, these used devices arrive in dirty, scratched, and even painted condition. Most often they contain open holes where conduit entries have been abandoned and the mechanical and electrical integrity of the inner workings are completely unknown. These devices undergo a preliminary inspection for damage or missing parts or other disqualifying defects. A thorough cleaning is done to remove dirt, oils, and other contaminants. Sand blasting of the housing is required when surfaces are corroded or painted, and of course, secure plugging of conduit openings completes the preliminary work. Preparation of the housing for re-painting is critical since the longevity of corrosion resistance is paramount and the cosmetics of the device is important to the end user. Nearly all devices are then professionally repainted leaving a beautiful, clean and durable finish hard to distringuish from the clean luster of factory finishing. In some cases, replacement labels are applied to insure that identification and electrical ratings are easily seen. Each device undergoes a series of electrical resistance and insulation resistance testing to be sure the finished product is suitable for return to service for the safe and reliable control of electrical energy. These devices are shipped WITHOUT FUSES. New FUSES ARE AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE and the recommended fuses are identified with each item's description. See the "FUSES" section to make your selections. All used/reconditioned fusible devices (designated with our "RC" part number suffix) come with our standard 1 year repair/replacement warranty. Refer to the "TERMS" section above for warranty details.

  • Manufactured by: 1 Yr Warranty