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Low-Voltage Lighting Relay


Touch Plate 4-Wire Low-Voltage Relay with switching block and pilot wires. Single Pole Single Throw mechanical latching function. The main contacts rated 20A 120/277/347VAC. The low-voltage switching coil is 28VDC. These also replace older models 4000-PL, 1550-BPL and 2500-BPL. The only physical difference Is the size of the relay base. The 4000-PL and 3000-PL relays are about 1" larger in size. This 20A 4-wire low-voltage relay is a replacement for Touch-Plate systems installed between 1946 and 1985. The older relays have two low-voltage wires coming out from the top of the cylinder that connected to the switches. The two wires coming out from the bottom connect to the line-voltage feeds. With the 3000-PL relay, you simply connect the line-voltage feed wires to the two screw terminals on the body of the relay. It doesn't matter which terminal you connect to because the terminals are not polarized and therefore either terminal can take the line-voltage connection and the other the switching connection. When replacing 1550-BPL and 2500-BPL relays you will need to cut off the white plastic plug connector and strip some of the insulation from the leads to allow for individual wire-to-wire connections.
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  • Model: 3000PL
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Touch Plate

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