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Low-Voltage Lighting Relay


This is a mechanical latching type relay designed for building automation systems. The relay is rated 20A 120-277VAC SPST operation and requires a monentary 24VAC (21-30VAC) switch circuit pulse to open or close the line-voltage circuit. It may be used to full rated capacity for tungsten filament, ballast or resistive loads. The line-voltage terminals accept copper wire only. This relay can be used to replace earlier discontinued GE models RR2, RR3, RR5, Sierra 7601P and standard Bryant relays of a similar type. When replacing these older relays, connect the old red wire to the new red wire, the old black wire to the new black wire and the old white (or other color) wire to the new blue wire.

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  • Model: RR7
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: GE Lighting